Easy access to Physiotherapy
In this new era of social distancing, Proactive Physiotherapy delivers safe and effective care by harnessing the power of technology. 

To meet your needs, we provide appropriate physiotherapy interventions through Tele-Rehab sessions.

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Tele-rehabilitation (Tele-rehab), sometimes also called tele-health, is the provision of healthcare remotely by communication technologies.

Tele-rehab allows you and your physiotherapist to connect through telephone, video call or remote monitoring technology when:

  • an in-person visit is not possible,

  • Physiotherapy is not available in your immediate community

  • when you are no longer in Yorkton or your immediate community. 

In this new era of social distancing, Physiotherapists can deliver care safely and effectively by harnessing the power of technology and social media. Thus as a measure to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, Proactive Physiotherapy clinic offers virtual appointments or tele-rehab for new assessments, follow up appointments, functional exercise training and workplace claim support.

Tele-rehab has some limitations compared to an in-person clinic visit. There is no hands-on examination, assessment or treatment for the initial assessment or subsequent follow up sessions.

However, you can expect to receive the same safe, effective and ethical care as an in-person visit. Additionally,

10 things you can expect with Tele-rehabilitation with us are:

  1. Education, coaching and reassurance to offer you hope and help you feel safe with your unique individual presenting complaint 
  2. Exercise prescription, instruction and demonstration
  3. Supervised therapeutic exercise program review and appropriate progressions
  4. Instruction in self-administered hands-on techniques (e.g., soft tissue massage, trigger point release) to facilitate self management  is supported through education of application, intensity, etc. 
  5. We monitor your progress and comparable signs using outcome measures through our software programs.
  6. Support, guidance and education for your caregivers
  7. We utilize the great benefit to see how you are functioning and adapting in your home environments (e.g., reduce falls risks)
  8. Help with your Brace if applicable. We can check in with you and offervital regular checks  and help in donning/doffing your brace as indicated.
  9. Home and/or work space ergonomics consultation.
  10. Support for applications, intensity etc. of home based modalities(e.g. E-stim, hot packs, cold packs etc) is offered through education.

Some clients may be deemed as not appropriate for tele-rehab by their physiotherapist.

Our Physiotherapist will be able to determine with you if:

  • tele-rehab may be valuable to you or not
  • the necessary services be provided via tele-rehabilitation
  • Considering recommended physical distancing, if the benefits of Tele-rehabilitation outweigh the risks presented by the COVID-19 pandemic in your circumstance. 

The risks of receiving tele-rehabilitation services are related mostly to concerns about the privacy of your personal health information and your safety. At Proactive Physiotherapy clinic, Yorkton, SK,  we have chosen technologies that allow for authentication and encryption as well as secure transmission platforms that are compliant with regulatory standards. You can expect to receive the same safe, effective and ethical care as an in-person visit that is in compliance with Physiotherapy regulatory requirements. at Proactive Physiotherapy. 

In preparation for your session please do the following:

  • Complete necessary documentation that we send out to you, such as consent forms prior to your session. 
  • Ensure your privacy. Please find an appropriate space with a stable internet connection, where you can be confident that your session will take place free of distraction and interruption. 
  • Ensure your safety. Have ample space to complete your session, including any necessary movement. Have a sturdy chair available for your use. Keep a phone nearby. Remove any items that may pose a safety hazard such as loose carpet flooring etc. 
  • Ensure your comfort: Please dress appropriately for your session. This includes wearing clothing that allows for comfortable and unrestricted movement. Wear appropriate and supportive footwear (e.g. running shoes). If you have access to exercise equipment such as bands, dumbbells, foam rollers, pulleys etc, you may choose to have these available during your session. Your Physiotherapist will also advise you of items that may be needed for your follow up session.